Special Guests
Rich Sigfrit; Ron Garner; Janine Garner; Amy Ferrell

Feature Story
ConCarolinas 2004 Fan Audio Panel

1. Project Update
2. Mailbag: Sean McLean on Second Strike

In early June of 2004, the hosts of ChronoRadio and Requiem of the Outcast, along with 2004 Best Actress in an Audio Drama Amy Ferrell, represented Star Wars Fanworks at ConCarolinas 2004 in Charlotte, North Carolina. This supplemental ChronoRadio episode is one of several files released in the wake of the convention. While Requiem of the Outcast handled the release of the live radio show program that comprised the first of two fan audio panels at the con, this episode of ChronoRadio covers the second of the panels, which featured discussion on the fan audio genre itself. This episode also takes time out to bring listeners up to date on the progress on various projects that are in the works, then delves into a response from Sean McLean, dealing with Second Strike and its review and rebuttal found in recent episodes of Requiem of the Outcast. (This episode was released simultaneously with Requiem of the Outcast #10, which featured the other audio panel, and the ChronoRadio: Interview Edition with Star Wars artist Joe Corroney, also recorded at the convention. The ROTO episode has been removed from circulation, but the panel recording can be found at the second link below or in the Features area.)

Download This Episode
Download First ConCarolinas 2004 Panel (Formerly of ROTO #10)