Special Guests
Wayne Poe; David Pinkus; Bob Vitas

Feature Stories
1. The Great Technical Commentaries Debate
2. The Merits and Flaws of Nitpicking the Saga

1. Star Wars Tales #1 - 4

1. Teek's Ear News
2. ChronoRadio Mailbag
3. Behind the Scenes: ChronoRadio
4. 2005 Trivia Contest #1 Questions
5. Commentary: "Why Nitpicking is a Mixed Bag"

This episode stems directly from the suggestion of ChronoRadio listener "Durnar," who put forth the notion of an episode dealing with Curtis Saxton's Star Wars Technical Commentaries, way back in mid-2004. Knowing that this wouldn't be enough to fill an entire episode, I looked at the "Great Debate" raging over Saxton's materials and my own version of highly-detailed, nitpicky fandom. What I found was a common thread that became the theme of this episode: fans who nitpick the minute details of the Star Wars saga. Thus, Nitpicking the Saga (Rather obvious title, isn't it?) was born.

This episode also brought back our once-used, oft-forgotten "Player to Player, Pimp to Pimp" head-to-head guest editorial segment for the Saxton segment, as well as, since it was the first regular episode of 2005, introducing our two serialized segments this year: a behind-the-scenes series for ChronoRadio, The Star Wars Timeline Gold, a Rayzur's Edge fan audio drama, Requiem of the Outcast, Star Wars and Beyond, and Star Wars en Direct; and a year-long review of Star Wars Tales #1 - 24, which begins with this episode's review of Star Wars Tales #1 - 4. The contest aspect of the show that began in CR #18 in Dec. 2004 (to win a signed copy of Star Wars Tales #21) continued here with the start of a new series of trivia contests for 2005. (The first contest, which began here, was to win a copy of Wizards of the Coast's Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds sourcebook for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, provided to the show by WotC.)

All in all, it was a good way to kick off 2005.

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