Fan Audio Made Easy #1:
The Audio Interview Made Easy

A Review by Matt Loewen

Ah, another release from Rayzur's Edge Audio. REA has had a great run of both radio and audio productions, and I'm proud to say that Fan Audio Made Easy is another hit.

For those of you who don't know, Fan Audio Made Easy is an attempt for the rest of the fan audio community to learn the works of how to make great audio productions. The first episode released, The Audio Interview Made Easy, discusses what you'll need to do a personal audio interview with someone else.

And in this fashion, FAME succeeds immensely. The tips given are down-to-earth, and easy to do as well (while they might not necessarily be cheap). I also loved the idea of giving a resume of the person who gave the tip's work, so that people can listen to that person's other things, and decide whether they want to do things that way.

Like the Pixar movie company, Rayzur's Edge Audio has done so well, they've been long due for a huge downfall. However, luckily for us, that hasn't happened.

4 out of 4

Fan Audio Made Easy