Other Voices #1
A Review by Matt Loewen

Here's an idea. Why don't we gather those fan audio community members who don't have their own radio shows and have them voice their opinions on one show, with a different host for each episode? Brilliant!

That pretty much sums up the new show from Rayzur's Edge Audio, Other Voices. What can I say? This was a great idea, and it could have bombed just as much as it could have worked. Happily, though, it works, and works well.

The host for the first episode of Other Voices is Ian Bowie, someone you might remember from, among other things, his role as Lolat Gastun in Second Strike and, most of all, his singing gig in ChronoRadio #6: 2002 Holiday Special. Also, there are four different community members giving their thoughts on different topics.

There's: Steve Mollmann, who reviews the Clone Wars era novels; Michael Galasso, who reviews the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying Game; Bryan Patrick Stoyle, who discusses some positive aspects of The Phantom Menace; and, finally, there's Jamie Goodwin, who discusses being a gay Star Wars fan.

Now, on to the review itself. Two of the four topics are refreshingly original (Bryan's and Jamie's), while the third is at least a review that branches out a lot (Steve's). The four convey their topics well, as, for example, I was deeply satisfied for once at the well-done "good things" list about TPM.

The only real thing that I am less-than-pleased at is that Steve Mollmann's voice makes it so that you can't understand some of the stuff he says. If this is his natural voice, I can't really bring down this episode because of it. It's just something that annoys me.

All in all, Other Voices is an amazingly original idea, and it does a great job in its first episode.

4 out of 4

Other Voices