Download the Star Wars Timeline Gold

Click on the link below to download the newest release of the Star Wars Timeline Gold. New releases are uploaded approximately 1 - 2 times per year, usually around the end of July or beginning of August. Files are zipped using WinZip. If you do not have a zip extractor program, try WinZip from (for PC) or StuffIt from (for Mac).

The files inside are the actual documents (Story Group Canon Timeline, Legends Continuity Timeline, Volume I, Legends Continuity Timeline, Volume II, the Legends Clone Wars Supplement, and the Appendices), which are in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. This should make the document useful for anyone with a PC, Mac, or mobile device with minimal effort.

While I would prefer that you download the files and save them, so as to save me from having my monthly bandwidth usage torn to shreds, the files are also available directly by using the following links.

Don't have a PDF-reading program? Download the free Adobe Reader from here: